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Why I Love Sundays

You take me by the hand and lead me into the bedroom. Our mouths find each other and we kiss deeply, hungrily, our hands exploring each others’ bodies through our clothes. You pull my shirt over my head, while my hands fumble with the button on your jeans. You kiss my neck, making your way down to the swell of my breasts as you unhook my bra, letting it drop to the floor. You cup my breasts, squeezing my nipples gently, making me shudder and moan with pleasure. I kiss you deeply again, then pull your shirt over your head. I kiss your chest as my hands busy themselves inside your underwear, freeing your already-hard cock. I surprise you by quickly dropping to my knees and taking you deep into my mouth, licking and sucking your cock while I massage your balls. You moan with pleasure and I can feel your balls tighten in my hand already, as your cock swells in my mouth. “You have to stop”, you say, but I ignore you and continue to lick and suck you. I want to make you cum with my mouth. “No! I don’t want to cum yet,” you say and pull away from me, forcing me to stop. I’m slightly disappointed and tell you so. “I don’t want to cum yet,” you repeat, “I want to taste you.”

I quickly remove the rest of my clothing and lie down on the bed. You bury your head between my thighs, expertly flicking your tongue over my clitoris, making me cum almost instantly – the first of many orgasms. I writhe and moan with pleasure, gripping your head between my thighs as you continue licking my most sensitive area, making me cum over and over again. “You’re so lovely and wet,” you say as you raise your head, your mouth and chin glistening with my juices. You climb on the bed and kneel between my thighs, easing the head of your cock into my slippery cleft. “Oh, you’re so gloriously wet!” you exclaim, as you begin to slide in and out of me, your head thrown back and your eyes tightly shut. I chuckle throatily, which turns into a groan as your cock hits just the right spot and I start to cum again, clamping my legs around your lower back, pulling you deep into me. You lean forward to kiss me and I can taste myself on you. You support yourself above me on your arms and we rock together in unison for a while, stopping every so often when an orgasm rips through me, and you allow me to enjoy it before moving inside me again.

I’m in a take-charge mood today. “I want to fuck you,” I say, so you roll off me onto your back and I straddle you, easing myself down onto your cock. I start undulating on you and you thrust upwards, but I want to be in control. I interlace my fingers with yours and lean forward, pinning your hands above your head as I ride your cock up and down, controlling the pace and the depth. The expression on your face could be pleasure or pain, so I ask if you’re alright. “Oh, yes! This is wonderful,” you say breathlessly, so I carry on, teasing you, squeezing you, every so often stopping to enjoy yet another orgasm. I’m loving the powerful feeling of being in control, which is making our encounter all the more pleasurable for me.

You bend your knees, pushing yourself deeper into me. I release your hands and you take hold of my breasts, sucking each nipple in turn, making me shudder and moan atop you as you thrust into me. Suddenly, you roll me onto my back, lifting my legs and propping them on your shoulders, opening me wider and allowing you even deeper access to me. You thrust slowly and deliberately into me, each stroke bringing its own orgasm. You pinch my nipples between your fingers, making me cum even harder. “Oh, I love it when you cum on my cock,” you say, “I can feel every glorious wave of your orgasm.” Soon, my orgasms are overlapping so fast I don’t know where one ends and the next begins. It feels so wonderful I don’t want you to stop. But you have your own orgasm to think of too, and soon you begin to pick up the pace, thrusting faster and harder into me, so it’s a little painful, although still pleasurable.

You lower one of my legs and use the other to turn me over onto my front. I raise myself up on my knees, pushing back against you as you thrust into me, stroking my back with your fingers, heightening my pleasure. You vary your speed; fast and hard, then long, slow thrusts that make me quiver and gasp with pleasure. But your orgasm is approaching and now your speed picks up, an urgency to your strokes. “I want you to cum in my mouth,” I say, so you pull out of me and I turn around quickly, taking you as deep into my mouth as I can manage, sucking the head of your cock while I pump the shaft with one hand and squeeze your balls with the other. Very soon I feel your balls tighten in my hand and you start to pant and moan. Suddenly you let out a long, loud groan and my mouth is flooded with your semen. I swallow as quickly as I can, sucking every last drop from your cock, still pumping your shaft and squeezing your balls until you’re completely spent.

We collapse together in a sweaty heap on the bed, snuggling and nuzzling each other in the afterglow of our explosive coupling. “That was rather pleasant,” you say, in your understated way. “That was fucking brilliant!” I reply with a grin. “I love Sundays.”

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Naked in Waiting

I’ve left the front door unlocked so you can let yourself in and surprise me while I lie sleeping in bed. I’m too excited to sleep, though, so I lie there, naked under the covers, waiting for you to arrive.

I hear the front door open and close, then the jingle of the bells on the hall door. I lie with my back to the bedroom door, trembling in anticipation. You silently enter my bedroom and wordlessly undress before slipping under the covers. Without preamble, your hand goes straight between my legs, your fingers sliding into my soaking wet pussy, causing me to writhe and moan at your touch. You turn me over onto my back, so that I’m facing you. You kiss me as you continue to stroke my pussy, your thumb playing with my clit while your index and middle fingers slide in and out of me. I part my legs to give you more access, moaning softly. You smile knowingly at me.

You lower your head to my right breast and suck hard on my nipple. You know this will make me cum immediately, which it does. I shudder and tremble, my cunt muscles tightening on your fingers. “That’s it,” you say, “come on my hand, baby.” I’m powerless not to, as you continue to tease my nipple with your tongue and teeth, nibbling gently, sending shock waves directly to my pussy.

You remove your hand from between my legs, your fingers glistening with my juices. You offer them to me and I suck on them greedily. You grin at me, remove your fingers and replace them with your mouth, kissing me deeply so you can taste me for yourself. I can feel your cock, hard against my thigh. I reach down to grasp it, but you stop me. “Not yet”, you say. Instead, you throw the covers off us both and lie full-length on top of me, your legs between mine, and you take both of my breasts in your hands. You suck each of my nipples in turn, giving them equal attention and making me cum over and over again. I wrap my legs around you, longing to feel you inside me, but you have other plans.

You slowly kiss your way down my body towards the juncture of my thighs. Then your face is between my legs, your tongue pushing through the folds of skin to find my clitoris. I draw my knees up and open my legs wider to give you better access. You spread my pussy lips with your fingers and draw lazy circles around my clit with your tongue, then flick the tip, making me gasp, before licking your way down to my entrance, probing your tongue inside me, drinking in my wetness. You grab my legs behind my knees and push them away from you, tilting my pelvis upwards and opening me even wider, all the while lapping at my pussy. Your tongue moves downwards towards my arsehole, circling it with soft, fluttery strokes, then probing it with the hardened tip, sending shivers through me like electricity, causing my breath to catch in my throat. My moans of pleasure encourage you to continue lavishing my arsehole with attention and very soon I’m coming again.

I move my hand down towards my pussy, but you slap it away. “No!” you say, “You’ll have to wait.” I groan in frustration; I really want you inside me right now! Instead, you lower my legs and swivel around so that your cock is now over my mouth. I grab hold of it before you change your mind and take it as deep as I can manage into my mouth, sucking you hard. I keep my hand on the base of your cock to stop you from choking me as you begin to thrust gently into my eager mouth. The taste and smell of you excites me. As I work on your cock with my mouth and hand, I massage your balls with my free hand, squeezing them gently and rolling them in my palm. I stroke your perineum, which causes you to groan loudly, as you know what’s coming. Slowly and gently I ease my finger into your arsehole. You gasp with pleasure as I massage your anus and use my tongue to tease the head of your cock. I know you can’t take too much of this treatment, so your orgasm won’t be far off.

Suddenly, you roll off me, sit up and tell me to get on my knees. I don’t argue. I bury my face in a pillow and present my arse to you. You enter me easily, I’m so gloriously wet. You grab hold of my hips and thrust hard into my soaking cunt. It’s what I’ve been waiting for and it feels so good! I start to cum, moaning loudly into the pillow, my cunt muscles clenching your cock with the force of my orgasm. This sends you over the edge and, with a roar, you cum inside me. Knowing you’ve reached your climax sends another orgasm ripping through me and you stay inside me until it subsides.

We collapse on the bed in a heap, lying face to face with our arms around each other and our legs entwined, kissing and touching each other, unwilling to break contact. Your hand makes its way down my back towards my buttocks, returning to its familiar place between my legs, made even more slippery now that your fluids are combined with mine. I open my legs for you and you stroke me, knowing that I’m always ready for more and you return your attention to my ever-responsive nipples. I tremble and moan as yet another orgasm overwhelms me, my head thrown back, my eyes tightly shut. As it subsides I open my eyes to find you watching me intently. “You’re beautiful when you cum”, you say. “I could watch you do that all day.” I kiss you. “And I’d be happy to let you, if I could,” I reply. “But it’s a long drive back to Glasgow, so we’ll need to leave it there for now.”

Reluctantly, you gather up your clothes from where you left them on the floor and get dressed. You give me one final hot, deep kiss goodbye, then leave me as you found me, lying in bed, naked under the covers.

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