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One-Day Conference

It started with some mild flirting online, then the conversation turned dirtier and led to us swapping e-mail addresses so we could exchange photos and sexy ideas. You had a lovely cock and said I had a gorgeous ass – asses were your thing, the bigger the better, which was just as well, as I am more than amply endowed in that area.

We chatted online every day, sometimes for hours, not just about sex, but about our lives in general. But mostly about sex. We were on the same wavelength and turned each other on with our words and pictures. It was a shame you lived so far away, that it was so unlikely we would ever meet.

But that all changed when I was sent to Manchester for a conference. I was coming to your home town for an overnight stay at a hotel. When I told you the news you immediately asked, “Can I see you?” That was a silly question. I was dying to meet you and we could spend the whole night together before my conference the next day.

I arrived on the Tuesday evening. You met me at the train station. I recognised you from your photos: 6’4”, dark, wavy, collar-length hair, slightly greying at the temples, giving you a distinguished look; chocolate brown eyes and full lips with a strong, cleft chin. I waved to you to catch your eye and you walked over to greet me. “Hello,” you said. “Hi,” I replied, feeling shy all-of-a-sudden, which was ludicrous, given the content of our exchanges up until then. We’d seen each other naked, albeit in photographs, and discussed our deepest sexual fantasies, but standing there before you, I felt very awkward. I pushed the awkwardness aside, put down my suitcase and put my arms around you, kissing you on the cheek. Your aftershave was light and woody. You immediately wrapped your big, strong arms around me, pulling me close, nuzzling my ear and murmuring, “I’ve been waiting for this for so long.” Your mouth found mine and we kissed properly for the first time, there on the platform, softly and tenderly at first, then more intensely, our tongues exploring each others’ mouths. You tasted of cigarettes and mint chewing gum. I could feel your erection pressing against my abdomen. “Let’s go to the hotel,” I said.

You took my suitcase in one hand and took my hand with the other, two soon-to-be-lovers hurrying through the train station as we made our way to the taxi rank. “The Ramada” I told the driver and we settled back in our seat, still holding hands. The taxi ride to the hotel only took a few minutes and you waited in the lobby while I checked in. You met me at the elevator and we rode in silence to my room, the model of propriety. I couldn’t help stealing glances at you – you were so much more handsome in the flesh. I’d been longing to meet you for such a long time and now it was finally happening.

We reached my hotel room. I unlocked the door with my key card and went inside. You deposited my suitcase beside the dressing table, then turned to me. I’d dressed very carefully for our meeting, knowing your preference for tailored jackets, crisp white blouses, black pencil skirts and black underwear with seamed stockings, which I’d bought specially for the occasion. I’d even worn heels, again, bought specially for the occasion, instead of my usual sensible shoes. I’d taken extra care over my make-up, lining my upper lids with a sweep of black eye liner and rouging my lips with crimson lipstick, which was now slightly smudged. I wanted this to be special for you. You’d dressed for me too: a charcoal suit with a single-breasted jacket that fit you perfectly; a light blue button-down collared shirt and navy blue tie with a pale blue stripe that offset your eyes perfectly.

I removed my jacket and threw it on the chair in the corner of the room. I walked towards you, placing my hands on your chest and sliding them up behind your neck, standing on tip-toe to kiss you. Your arms snaked around my waist, your hands slowly moving downwards, exploring the roundness of my bottom, squeezing and kneading me through my skirt. I felt the heat in my groin at your touch and pressed my body hard against yours, grinding myself against you. I broke our kiss and tugged at your tie urgently. You got the message and removed your jacket, throwing it on the chair, as I unbuttoned your shirt to reveal your broad, hirsute chest. I ran my fingers through the thick mat of hair, relishing the experience. I’d wanted to do this for a long time. Your photos had revealed a thick pelt of fur that covered most of your body and I couldn’t wait to explore it.

“I want to fuck you,” I said. I unbuttoned my blouse, almost ripping it in my haste to undress. I unzipped my skirt and stepped out of it, revealing the stockings and suspenders underneath. You quickly removed your shirt and trousers then reached for me, pulling me close and kissing me deeply, your hands cupping my bottom once again. You kissed my neck and the swell of my breasts. “You have a gorgeous arse,” you said. I smiled and slid my hand inside your boxer shorts to free your hard cock. You groaned. “And you have a gorgeous cock,” I replied, “ and I want you inside me,” I said as I stroked you. I let your boxers drop to the floor and you stepped out of them. I pushed you back onto the bed, straddling you and kissing you again. I reached behind me and unhooked my bra, throwing it on the floor. You reached for my breasts, thumbing the nipples, then sitting up to take them in your mouth, one at a time. I gasped with pleasure, feeling myself grow wetter at your touch. I kicked off my heels and you helped me remove my panties, leaving me in only my stocking and suspenders.

You slid your hand between my legs, feeling my hot wetness for yourself. “You’re as wet as I imagined you’d be,” you said. You slid a finger inside me, causing me to gasp, then another and pressed your thumb against my clitoris. I moaned and rocked on your hand, closing my eyes and throwing my head back, enjoying the moment. Then I remembered my purpose and told you to move up the bed so we would be more comfortable. I straddled you again, taking hold of your cock, teasing us both by sliding the head back and forth along my slit, letting you feel my wetness. Then I sank you into me, slowly and deliberately, then, placing my hands on your chest, I started to rock back and forwards on you. Your fingers found my nipples and tweaked them, sending shockwaves to my pussy, causing me to cum for the first time. I tweaked your nipples in return, hearing your sharp intake of breath, which made you thrust hard into me. With a smirk, I squeezed your nipples again, to which you responded with a growl and try to roll me over onto my back, but I resisted, trapping you firmly between my thighs, bearing down on your with my weight. “No you don’t!” I said. “Stay right there.”

I intensified my movements, riding your cock hard, gyrating my hips, making you moan. You grabbed my hips, reaching round to grab my arse. I leaned forward, bracing myself on the headboard, my breasts suspended above you. You caught one of my nipples in your mouth and drew it between your teeth, sucking it forcefully and biting it gently. I came again, as you knew I would, becoming wetter than ever, my juices coating your shaft as I slid up and down on you. I increased my pace, driving myself down onto you, as you thrust upwards to meet me, our bodies slapping together as they met. “I’m going to cum,” you gasped. “Cum, then. Cum inside me.” I replied and squeezed you hard with my vaginal muscles. You let out a loud groan as you bucked against me. I could feel your hot cum splashing inside me, which triggered my own orgasm. I sat back on you, grinding myself into you as I gasped and moaned, convulsing on top of you. You reached up and squeezed my nipples again, prolonging my orgasm, as I continued to shudder and moan atop you.

Finally my orgasm subsided and I looked down at you. I leaned forward and kissed you deeply as I rolled off you. You wrapped your arms around me and I snuggled into your furry chest, my hand playing lazily with your now-spent cock. “That was every bit as good as I imagined it would be,” I said. I flashed you a wicked grin. “How long until we can do it again?!”

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