My Début as ‘Mistress Tina’

29 Jul

One of my boyfriends expressed a desire for me to dominate him. While I have a strong personality, I prefer things to be on an equal footing in the bedroom. Also, I’ve never been keen on role-playing – I find it incredibly difficult to keep a straight face and stay in character – however I decided to put all of that aside and, for him, I created the character ‘Mistress Tina’. I had none of the necessary garb, so I had to improvise: black bra & thong underwear (how I hate wearing a thong!), my only pair of heels (which I’d owned since the 80s and were now far too tight), and a crimson satin bathrobe completed my outfit. I scraped my hair back into a severe high ponytail, lined my eyes ’50s-style with black liquid eye liner and rouged my lips with blood-red lipstick. I had no S&M gear, so I armed myself with the only appropriate item I had to hand: a wooden back-scratcher.

When my boyfriend arrived I opened the door wearing my most disdainful expression and ordered him inside. He was incredibly excited, which was evident from the bulge in his jogging bottoms. The first things I did was berate him for his choice of clothing.

“Is this how you dress for a special appointment with Mistress Tina?!” I demanded.

He didn’t answer, although he was grinning from ear to ear.

“Stop grinning like the village idiot and answer me!” I barked. “How dare you come to my home dressed like a tramp! I deserve more respect from you than that! What do you have to say for yourself?!”

He giggled nervously, but still didn’t say anything, which made me want to laugh too, but I bit it back and pretended to be angry.

“How dare you laugh at me! Get into the bedroom and take those hideous clothes off at once!” I ordered. He darted into my bedroom and quickly undressed. His hard-on sprang free of his underwear and was bigger than I’d ever seen it before. I had a feeling this was going to be a very good session.

I ordered him onto his hands and knees and commanded him to crawl towards me. I decided he was being too slow, showed him the wooden back-scratcher and told him I was going to punish him. His cock visibly twitched at that news. I struck him across the buttocks with the back-scratcher, which caused him to yelp in surprise.

“Silence!” I said and struck him again. This time he gave a sharp intake of breath, but didn’t cry out. After several blows his cheeks were livid, so I stopped, as I didn’t want to hurt him and we hadn’t agreed upon a safe word (rookie mistake).

“So, what are we going to do today, then?” I asked rhetorically, staring down at him, trying to look severe. I was in charge, which I was enjoying, although this was new territory for me. I was having to work very hard to stay in character and to create a believable scenario that would fulfil his fantasy.

I knew what he liked. I took off my robe and turned my back to him. “Lick my arsehole!”, I commanded, and he eagerly complied, spreading my cheeks, moving my panties aside and going to work on my arse with his tongue. He had a real talent for anilingus and I had to force myself to stay upright and not let my knees buckle as he worked his magic on me. He started with broad, wet strokes of his tongue, then he darted the tip deftly in and around my arsehole, fluttering his tongue and tickling me as he worked away. He started to use his fingers on me, but I hadn’t given him permission to do this, so I spun round and struck him smartly on the backside with the back-scratcher, which was still in my hand.

“I never told you you could use your fingers on me, did I?!” I yelled. He didn’t answer. “Answer me!” I snapped. “No”, he said quietly. “No what?!” I demanded. “No, Mistress Tina” he replied meekly, his eyes shining with excitement. He was thoroughly enjoying our game.

“You do nothing without my permission, do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress Tina.”

“Right,” I said, “lie down on the bed on your back.” He complied. I had dug out my old school ties and tied them to the bed posts. I now used them to bind his wrists and ankles. I paraded back and forth, surveying his naked form, wearing my sternest expression, while lazily slapping the back-scratcher into my open palm. He lay there silently, watching me. I was still wearing my bra, thong and high heels and he was enjoying the view, which was evident from his still-raging hard-on. I decided to blindfold him too, using a sleep mask I kept in my bedside drawer. He started to protest, but I cut him off and reminded him that I was in charge, so he submitted to the blindfold.

The back-scratcher had a ribbon attached to the handle and I used this to trace patterns on his body, brushing it across his chest and stomach, down the outside then up the inside of his thighs, going tantalisingly close to his cock and balls without actually touching them, causing him to groan in frustration. He tried moving his pelvis to gain the contact he wanted, but I struck him on the leg with the back-scratcher and ordered him to lie still. I tweaked his nipples, pinching them hard and twisting them slightly, causing him to hiss in pain, but I could tell he enjoyed it.

I kicked off my heels (with no small amount of relief!), climbed onto the bed and straddled his chest. I manoeuvred myself so that my pussy was as close to his face as I could get it so he could smell my sex. He lifted his head, but I pushed it back down and commanded him to lie still. I leaned forward and braced myself on the headboard as I lowered myself onto his face and rubbed my panty-clad crotch over his nose and mouth so he could feel my wetness. He tried to use his mouth on me, but I ordered him to stop and be still as I continued to rub myself on him. Looking back over my shoulder I could see he was loving it from the way his cock twitched every so often. I grinned to myself – I was loving the whole experience of being in control so much more than I’d imagined I would.

I climbed off him and moved down to the foot of the bed. I stood still for a while without speaking so that he would wonder what was coming next. I climbed back on the bed and positioned myself between his legs. I started to slowly lick my way up the insides of his thighs, all the way up to his balls, skirting around his genitals and down the other leg to the knee. I left trails of saliva on his skin, blowing on them as I went, watching as his balls tightened in response to the change in temperature. He moaned softly from time to time, which I ignored; I was tired of issuing orders. I was soaking wet and wanted him inside me.

Without warning I took his cock in my mouth, as far as I could (deep throat is not part of my repertoire). I sucked him hard, using my tongue to create pressure and he groaned more loudly the harder I sucked. Then I let him go and licked his shaft with little fluttery strokes, swirling my tongue around the glans and darting it into the tip of his cock. He was breathing hard now and I thought he might on the brink of orgasm so I back off completely. I sat back on my heels and waited. He lifted his head and said, “Don’t stop”. I ignored him and sat there silently for a few minutes, watching his erection, trying to gauge how much further I could push him before he exploded.

I went back to licking the inside of his thighs, but this time, when I reached his balls I took them in my mouth and sucked them hard. He groaned and I tickled them with my tongue, describing patterns with my saliva and blowing on them, as I had his thighs. He writhed beneath me, enjoying my ministrations and I took him in my mouth again. I started sucking him in earnest this time, moving up and down his shaft quickly, causing him to gasp and moan.

“I don’t want to cum yet”, he said, “I want to fuck you. Let me fuck you”. By now I’d dropped all pretence of ‘Mistress Tina’. I was more than ready for him, so I took off my underwear and straddled his cock, guiding him into my hot wetness. His cock felt enormous as I took it deep into my throbbing cunt. I started riding his cock hard, driving him deeper into me with every downward stroke. He thrust upwards to meet me as best he could, bound as he was. I was so turned on I started to cum almost immediately, and he could feel my cunt muscles gripping him tightly as each wave of my orgasm washed over me. Very soon he started to cum too, shooting his hot, sticky load into me.

I leaned forward and kissed him hard on the mouth. He returned the kiss hungrily, his passion not yet spent. “Untie me” he whispered in my ear, so I obliged, untying his hands first. He removed the blindfold, rolled me off him, then untied his own ankles. He climbed on top of me, parting my legs with his knee, his cock still hard against my thigh. He rubbed my slippery cleft with his fingers, making me gasp as he plunged two of them into me and rubbed my clit with his thumb. He kissed me again, hard and deep, before moving his mouth to my breasts, sucking hard on my nipples as he finger-fucked me to orgasm. I drew my knees up to my chest and he threw my legs over his shoulders to achieve maximum penetration as he plunged his cock into me. I started to cum again as he thrust into me hard and fast, heading towards his own orgasm. I was still cumming when he finally came, groaning loudly and collapsing on top of me.

My orgasm seemed to last forever and I was still trembling with the force of it when he made to move off me. I said “no!” and wrapped myself around him to keep him between my legs as I continued to shake and convulse with the force of my orgasm. As the contractions in my cunt subsided I finally let go of him and allowed him to roll off me.

“So, did you enjoy that?” I asked him, with a smirk.

He flashed me a wicked grin and asked, “When can we do it again?!”

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