First Encounter

29 Jul

After chatting online for a few weeks via messenger and web cam, we’d arranged to meet. You were coming to my house, but we met in the pub first to see if we clicked in person. I wanted to make sure I didn’t get any weird vibes off you before allowing you into my home. You looked a lot older in real life than you did on cam, but that wasn’t important. I was more interested in the contents of your jeans than what you looked like.

We sat in a booth across the table from each other, making small talk, sizing each other up. You got impatient and moved around the table to sit beside me, trapping me against the wall. It made me feel uncomfortable. You put your arm around my shoulders, squeezing me a bit too tightly then, without warning, you kissed me. It wasn’t a pleasant kiss; I felt like you were trying to give me a tonsillectomy with your tongue. I pushed you away, forcefully.

“What was that?!” I exclaimed. You looked confused. “Who taught you how to kiss? That was awful. This is how I like to be kissed”, I said and proceeded to demonstrate my technique on you. You followed my lead and very soon things heated up between us, our hands exploring each other through our clothes. I became aware that we were putting on a show for the rest of the pub, so I said, “Let’s get out of here.”

We’d arrived in separate cars, so I told you to follow me. When we reached my house I’d cooled off a bit and slipped into “hostess” mode. I offered you a drink and made my way into the kitchen, making small talk again as I went. You followed me and, as I reach for the refrigerator door, suddenly you were all over me, your hands up my shirt and down my trousers. You spun me around, pushing me up against the fridge, kissing me deeply in that nasty way of yours. Before I knew what was happening, I was standing there with my trousers and pants down at my knees and my shirt around my neck, my tits scooped out of my bra. You were sucking hard on my nipples while stroking my pussy lips. I started to cum, my legs shaking and my breath coming in small gasps. You stopped, giving me a curious look, leaving me panting, dazed and confused. I wasn’t used to such rough treatment, but I liked it.

I reached for your belt buckle and undid your jeans, freeing your cock from the constraints of your underwear. It was every bit as impressive as it had been on web cam. You were hot and hard and the tip of your cock was slippery with pre-cum. You kissed me again as I stroked you, then I stripped off my clothing and led you by the cock into the bedroom. I knelt on the bed, reaching across to my bedside table on the other side of the bed, where I kept my condoms. You took the opportunity to bury your face in my crotch, spreading me wide with your fingers as your tongue found my clit. I moaned and shuddered as another orgasm swept over me. I was in a state of extreme arousal.

You undressed quickly, leaving your clothes in a heap on the floor. I sat on the edge of the bed and unwrapped the condom. I rolled it over your cock and cupped your balls, squeezing them gently. You let out a small growl, then pushed me back on the bed, lifting my legs so you could gain entry to my sopping wet cunt. “Ooh, you’re so tight”, you said, looking both surprised and delighted. You began thrusting into me and I started to cum again almost immediately. “Fucking hell, I can’t believe you’re coming again!”, you said. “That’s it, baby, cum on my cock!”

After a few minutes you grabbed my ankles and turned me onto my front. “Get on your knees”, you said, so I complied. You grabbed hold of my hips and started thrusting into me again from behind. Every thrust was pure pleasure and I moaned loudly as wave after wave of orgasm ripped through me, causing me to collapse onto my face, my arse up in the air. To my surprise you stuck your thumb in my arsehole. This was a new experience, but not an unpleasant one. “Cum on my cock, baby”, you repeated, over and over again. You were clearly enjoying yourself almost as much as I was.

You pulled out of me and told me to lie back on the bed properly, with my head on the pillows. Then, you climbed on top of me, hooking my legs behind my knees and lifting them over your shoulders. You braced yourself on your arms as you pumped away at me again, plunging deeper and deeper into me with every stroke. You hungrily sucked on my nipples, making me cum yet again. “Ohhh, you are one horny bitch!”, you said, your eyes shining with excitement as you continued to pound away at my cunt.

You sat back on your heels, pulling me onto your lap and squeezing my feet as you continued to thrust into me. This was another new, but extremely pleasurable sensation and I came even harder, squeezing your cock with my cunt muscles. “You’re so fucking tight!” you exclaimed again, staring at me in wonder. I don’t think I was at all what you were expecting. I bent my knees, opening myself wider and started to stroke my clit as you continued to fuck me. “Oh yes, play with your pussy, that’s it”, you said, enjoying the view. You were loving this. “Fuck me harder!” I growled.

You were happy to oblige, your pace increasing as you neared your orgasm. You shut your eyes tightly and threw back your head, squeezing my feet even harder as you plunged into me. Then, with one final thrust you let out a loud groan and let go of my feet as you collapsed on top of me, panting. You grabbed my right breast and sucked the nipple hard, nibbling it with your teeth. I gasped and moaned as yet another orgasm ripped through me. “You are un-fucking-believable!” you said, impressed. I grinned, wickedly. “I do have a talent for multiple orgasms”, I said with a wink.

You continued playing with my breasts, sucking each nipple in turn, watching me as I came over and over again. “Ohhh, please say I can come back again”, you said as you lay there on top of me, nuzzling my breasts. I thought it over for a minute. I didn’t like the way you kissed – it was a real turn-off. But we could work on that. “OK,” I said, “you can come back again.”

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